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You've done a great job of maintaining strong relationships with your customers. The brand is well-known for its creative work, but less so when it comes time to make watches. How will you adapt your retail strategy for watches to the brand's expansion in the near future?

NL: You're right. Exclusiveness is an important factor when it comes to jewelry. When our clients come back to buy an Alhambra the next time, we look to upgrade them. Watches are different.www.topreplicashop.com We must go to watch collectors to tell them about our products. They buy products from many different brands. We have to be upfront. We can do this in part by showcasing our unique watch complications through magazines like Revolution or unique events. The Poetic Complications we have created in collaboration with other watchmakers express time differently.

HDP: In our case, I believe the core value of craftsmanship and mastery comes from our high jewelry. The combination of talent and creative minds combined with our craftsmanship creates the most elegant way of demonstrating our Poetic Complicates. These partnerships have been extremely fruitful. These watchmakers aren't just watchmakers; they are also automatics, and their movements are intelligent.

That ingenuity and willingness to collaborate has led to some spectacularinnovations like Midnight Zodiac Lumineux and the Lady Arpels Zodiac Lumineux. How did these developments come about?

NL: In our Geneva office, we have a couple of people who are constantly looking for partnerships. What you mentioned was one of 50 ideas they had put together and presented to Nicolas Bos our CEO. These ideas have to be successful within Patek Philippe Replica Watches. We live in a world that is full of poetry and nature,Patek Philippe Replica Watches and we always want our partnerships to be within this realm. After that, the challenge is one of feasibility. It doesn't work every time someone brings up a new material, idea or tries to incorporate a lost technique. Some ideas we have discarded and others we tried but failed to realize. A few are extremely successful. We are very fortunate to have people who explore the possibilities of bringing Patek Philippe Replica Watches alive in a manner we would not normally think possible.

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